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Operations & Repair Services

TAKKION, a wind and solar energy industry leader, specializes in Operations and Repair Services for energy companies throughout North America and internationally.

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If you can dream it, we can do it.

Our customers can count on this team and its diverse portfolio for complete turnkey solutions and exceptional service to maximize uptime and minimize costs.

With TAKKION Operations and Repair (O&R), you’ll get: seasoned professionals with extensive experience on all major wind turbine makes and models; exemplary safety program and proven track record; innovative and specialized technologies to help minimize costs; fast, flexible, responsive service and easy access; reliable, consistent operations; and services tailored to meet your needs.

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in-house technical training and certification program

Every employee completes an in-house technical training and certification program. Course contents span from basic safety (including First Aid, CPR, AED) to advanced topics like (3-phase electricity and advanced rescues from confined spaces). We are proud to host one of our four approved, GWO-audited locations.

With strategic locations across the nation, we are able to support our customers from coast to coast, increasing availability and decreasing mobilization costs. We have dedicated project managers to specific customers to allow for consistent communication throughout the entirety of the project.

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in-house engineering and quality control teams

In partnership with our in-house engineering and quality control teams, we have custom-designed a wide variety of specialty tooling and fixtures. Multiple mobile repair shops have also been built and deployed, creating operational efficiencies. Our Specialty Services team has led the industry in many uptower mechanical repair methods, including uptower planet carrier replacements, and are the industry’s sole provider of in-field bearing bore machining.

Our customers keep calling because of our team’s unique skill set, uncompromising commitment to safety, and quality workmanship.

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