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state-of-the-art logistics management services

We have perfected the process of the planning, management, and execution of operations when it comes to the transportation, installation, and maintenance of wind and solar energy components.

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Fixed-site logistics across North America

As one of the country’s leading logistics management providers for wind and solar industries, TAKKION specializes in fixed-site logistics for various clients across North America.

TAKKION has centrally located distribution centers that support rail access, storage, and maintenance of wind turbine and solar components, including blades, nacelles, hubs, towers, Main Power Transformers, generators, DTA’s, panels, piping, racking, and any other component that needs to be safely stored and maintained. Our services are offered to customers across the United States to maximize logistical efficiency.

As an independent logistics OEM service provider, TAKKION continually works to keep components up to date, clean, and up to the standards that our customers need them to be at the next time they’re needed for a wind project.

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TAKKION Specializes In:

  • • transportation, assembly and installation of wind and solar components

  • • maintenance and repairs

  • • site planning and preparation

  • • Supply chain management

  • • Distribution and storage

  • • rail management operations

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the premier company in energy logistics management

TAKKION is committed to ensuring each project is up to OEM standards. Each project has its own OEM standard for performing maintenance on WTG components. We follow a designated maintenance guideline book, which has its own rules and regulations, from cleaning and greasing components to more in-depth procedures.

More than anything, we ensure communication and coordination with our customers, detailing every step of the process and offering effective project management involving stakeholders, suppliers, our in-house transportation providers, our construction crews, and regulatory authorities. We provide real-time communication from the beginning of a project to the very end, allowing our team to address any issues that may come up during transportation, installation, or operation.

At TAKKION, we take pride in offering the reliability to continually set the standard in wind and solar energy regarding safe, efficient, and effective Fixed Site Logistics. We embody the knowledge and integrity our customers rely on as we continue to set the standard for the industry.


transportation LOGISTICS, HANDLED.

Our fixed-site services also include transportation logistics. We provide rail management operations led by a highly educated team of several experienced professionals, all of whom have prior railroad experience. As part of our rail management operations, we can oversee transportation from point A to point B. We oversee the entire process, from requesting rail cars to the final stop. Our certified Rail Management Team ensures that components get where you want them, when you want them, and how you want them.