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TAKKION employs the best trainers in the industry. Our team of 20 Safety and Technical Trainers have a wide array of in-field experience, equipping them to provide our team members with relatable scenarios that they may encounter on a project.

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We invest in our people

We invest in our people and require all new hires to complete a rigorous in-house safety and training certification program prior to stepping foot on a customer’s site. There are pass/fail components to these courses, ensuring we protect the future safety of our employees. Once onboarded, our employees participate in continuous and ongoing training.

Our instructors train according to GWO standards (BST, BTT, CoHE, ART, SLS). Course contents span from basic safety (including First Aid, CPR, AED) to advanced topics like (3-phase electricity and advanced rescues from confined spaces). They can train on all major makes and models of tower rescue and emergency descent devices.

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TAKKION’s training facilities are state-of-the-art.  We house three approved, GWO-audited locations in South Dakota, Texas, and Colorado, with an additional location coming online in Wyoming.  Our Denver Training Center (DTC) is the hub for specialized composite training.  These locations, along with our additional mobile capabilities, allow us to best serve our people and customers.

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Several mock emergency drills are held each year with local responding units in various locations. This provides realistic training for emergency management personnel in these communities, increases operational effectiveness and ensures the best outcome in case of a true emergency.

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